Reward Success & Commitment, Reward DREAMers

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As Military Family Appreciation Month comes to a close, what better way to recognize military families
than supporting a law that would allow currently undocumented teenagers to join the ranks of the
proud men and women serving in our nation’s military. Currently under consideration in the Senate is
just that type of law. A law allowing young men and women seeking to contribute to the betterment of
our nation an opportunity to do so. A law overwhelmingly supported by military leaders on both sides
of the aisle. The DREAM ACT allows individuals who were brought to the US as children to obtain legal
status by either going to college or joining the Armed Forces.

With two wars ongoing, the military has been lowering hiring standards over the past years. The
DREAM ACT would, in the words of the Secretary of the Army “materially expand the pool of individuals
qualified, ready and willing to serve their country in uniform. . . I have no doubt many of these enlistees
will be among the best soldiers in our Army.” Our Military leaders support the Dream act, why shouldn’t
our Congressional Representatives? Call Congressmen Hunter, Bilbray, and Issa next week to tell them

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