NBC Nightly News Video on U.S. Visa Restrictions hindering the U.S. Economy

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Recently, NBC Nightly News had a segment on whether U.S. immigration policies and visa restrictions are hindering the U.S. economy from recovering. In the video, Brian Williams tells the story of Kunal Bahl, a 27 year old entrepreneur, who was forced to return back to India after his visa expired in the U.S. Kunal went on to launch SnapDeal in India. SnapDeal has since gone on to become the #1 E-Commerce business in India.

Kunal would have loved to stay in the U.S. but he took his skills back to India because of U.S. immigration policies and visa restrictions. The video also introduces us to other Silicon Valley entrepreneurs and workers who believe they will one day have to return to their native countries because of immigration reasons.

With the 2012 Fiscal Year H-1B petition filing period starting on April 1, 2011, the question must be asked whether immigration policies are doing more harm to the country’s economy by making it harder for companies to retain the brightest and best in the U.S., and whether these policies are just encouraging entrepreneurs to return to their home countries and starting businesses there instead of the U.S.

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