Immediate Citizenship for Undocumented Immigrants Could Provide $1.4 trillion boost to United States’ economy

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A recent study by the Center for American Progress estimates that granting undocumented immigrants immediate citizenship would create an economic boon in the amount of $1.4 trillion.  Studies dating back to 1986 demonstrate that documented Mexican immigrant men made 6% more than undocumented Mexican immigrant men, with many economists suggesting that the gap is even wider today.

Granting citizenship to the millions of undocumented immigrants would allow such workers to have legal protections when raising their wages.  Undocumented immigrants currently have little recourse against their employers if the employer is paying them a sub-standard wage.  Employers are also more likely to invest in their employees who are documented immigrants through training programs which in turn leads to documented immigrants having more skills.  These skills allow such immigrants to seek employment and maximize output.  Documented immigrants are also able to start their own businesses and create jobs through their entrepreneurial efforts.  Finally, labor mobility is increased as documented immigrants would be able to best use their skills instead of seeking any job which will accept them without documents.