In our connected global world marrying someone from another country is a frequent occurrence. It is natural to want your spouse become a permanent resident in the U.S.

We would be happy to assist you and your spouse obtain permanent residency. In some cases we can file in the U.S.; in other cases you must process at an overseas consulate; and sometimes you must process at an overseas consulate and also need a waiver showing extreme hardship. In certain cases there may be no relief. In any case an immigration attorney at Feldman Feldman & Associates will advise you as to the costs, timing, any risks and what is required for a strong case.

We will need more information to determine what the proper procedure (and costs) will be.
1) Is your husband in the U.S.?
2) If yes, did he enter with or without papers?
3) If he entered with papers is he currently in status?
4) If not in status, has he returned home since becoming out of status or after an illegal entry?
5) Was he ever stopped at the border?
6) Does he have any criminal record?
7) Does he have a prior deportation or removal?
8) Does he have any close family members who are permanent residents or citizens?
9) Has anyone ever filed a petition for him or one of his parents or grandparents? If yes, date filed?