Will the Lame Duck Congress Pass the DREAM Act?

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Undocumented college students around the country have marched on Washington, called their congressman, and told their stories to the world.  These students came to the United States as small children, many not aware of their undocumented status for years. Now unless Congress passes the DREAM Act, as the first step in badly needed immigration reform, these students may never obtain legal status, work in the U.S, and could be deported to a country they don’t even remember living in.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid announced that he will bring the DREAM Act up for a vote after Thanksgiving.  Hopefully he will keep his promise and we will see a vote on this measure shortly.

These students are educated individuals who are a valuable resource that the U.S. needs.  Both parties have supported this measure in the past, and it is time they actually work together to do something that is in the best interest of our country.