Senator Grassley Kills H.R. 3012

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Rep. Chafetz’ bill (H.R. 3012) which would phase out the per-country limit for employment-based immigrants and increase the limit for family-based passed the House. It was put into the “hotline” process in the Senate, which means that the bill can be halted if any member objects. And, not surprisingly Senator Grassley put a hold on it.

To release his hold Grassley wants dramatic changes including: reducing the employment based per-country limit to 15% and eliminating the family per-county limit increase. Furthermore, he’s insisting that the completely absurdDurbin/Grassley H-1B limitation provisions that were shot down back in 2009 become apart of the bill.

The Durbin/Grassley H-1B limitation provisions essentially prevent employers from hiring skilled foreign workers as they would have to go through a process similar to the labor certification process for a green card. This would include an in depth recruiting process and proving non displacement of U.S. workers. The employer must also pay wages above what comparable U.S. workers earn. The employer could also not send the worker to a secondary work site (i.e. no more traveling physical therapists, occupational therapists, and computer consultants). Reporting requirements would also greatly increase among other restrictions.

In other words Grassley wants to make the H-1B program so expensive, time-consuming, and burdensome for employers that it would eliminate the program. As an employer will not want to pay tens of thousands of dollars in legal fees, spend months recruiting, and pay the foreign worker more than U.S. workers. Many employers will simply pack up their businesses and move them to another country.

Obviously, Grassley either doesn’t care about American businesses or simply doesn’t understand high school level economics. It baffles me that the people in Iowa continue to elect him.