San Diego Woman Deported by Fake U.S. Marshall

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Details are slowly emerging as to what happened to a San Diego woman who was kidnapped and falsely deported by a man posing as a U.S. Marshal. The man was able to fool not only the woman and her U.S. citizen husband, who was in the process of obtaining permanent residency for her, but also the Customs and Border Patrol (CBP), and Transportation and Security Administration at the San Diego Airport. After claiming he was a U.S. Marshal and kidnapping the woman from her home at gunpoint, the man then took her to a CBP office, where agents refused to take her into custody as there was no outstanding warrant. An important question to the CBP officers is: If someone brings a handcuffed person into your office and claims to be a U.S. Marshal who has arrested her for immigration violations, shouldn’t the CBP, be able to identify whether the man is in fact a U.S. Marshal, and know that that is not something U.S. Marshal’s are allowed to do? AND if there is no warrant for the woman’s arrest in your system should you then probe further into why this woman has been arrested?

Although it’s understandable that the family would be duped into believing that the man was an actual U.S. Marshal, there is no excuse for the CBP to have allowed him to leave their offices with the woman still detained after determining that he had no basis for which to detain her. Even if he had been a genuine U.S. Marshal an Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officer should have been called to properly determine her status and whether she should be detained. Unfortunately news organizations in the San Diego area are treating this story largely as a matter of a security breach regarding the man’s ability to get past the TSA at San Diego airport and force the woman onto the flight. While that is an important and scary aspect of this story, it is equally important that the CBP investigate why its officers did nothing to help this kidnapped woman.

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