Reid once again promises action on the DREAM Act

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Majority Leader Harry Reid once again has announced that he will take action to move the DREAM Act, or as I call it the “In your dreams” act forward.  After failing to get it through as an attachment to the Defense Authorization Act (see discussion here), Senator Reid has announced that he WILL bring the DREAM Act up for consideration in the Senate during the lame duck session; win or lose on Tuesday. Senator Reid continues to use this law and Comprehensive Immigration Reform more generally as a carrot to turn out Hispanic voters, a largely democratic and potentially powerful voting bloc that has yet to truly flex its political muscles.  In order to make their concerns heard, US citizen Hispanics must begin voting at a higher rates yet the continuing failure of Congress to act on important immigration issues has created voter apathy in the community.  This creates a disturbing spiral where failure of the Democrats to enact positive change lowers turnout in the Hispanic community which becomes less powerful and therefore provides less incentive for the Democrats to enact the changes.  Reid should push the DREAM Act to the Senate floor and it will likely pass if given an up-down vote.  However, if he fails to take action Hispanics will once again feel used by the Democrats and be even less likely to turn out in the future.  Creating the worst of both worlds.

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