Obama’s Immigration Proposal

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While overseas in Myanmar President Obama announced that he plans to use his executive authority to institute immigraiton reform. Frustrated by Congress’ inability to pass an immigration bill, Obama believes this is his only option for immigration reform.

As a result the media is buzzing and the Republican party is already planning how to denounce the reforms and fight back. Meanwhile millions of undocumented foreign nationals eagerly await Obama’s immigration proposal. So, what will he do? The truth is we won’t know until he actually does something. Even then, we may not know the exact effect of his immigration reforms (if any) until clarifying memorandum are released.  Based on what Obama and his staff has said, here is the gist of what we believe he plans to do:

  • Grant deferred action (basically a promise to not be deported) to undocumented individuals who have U.S. Citizen or permanent resident children.
    • The individuals must also prove they have been in the United States for 5 years.
    • They will also receive a work permit, and in many states this will allow them to obtain a driver’s license.

Obama also mentioned he planned to increase border control measures and give raises to various immigration officers. Obama indicated he will release his plan this week. Until then, the wait continues.