Obama Meets with Fasting Immigration Protestors

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After months, or perhaps more accurately years of inaction by Congress, a group of protestors have given up all substance to motivate Congress to act on immigration reform. Obama met with the protestors at the National Mall on Friday and has praised them in his speeches indicating:

  • They are “sacrificing themselves in an effort to get Congress to act.”
  • “I want them to know we hear you. We’re with you. The whole country hears you.”

Many others around the country have joined the fast as a show of solidarity. It is suspected that over 3000 people are currently fasting for immigration reform. We praise their effort, and hope Congress will listen as well.

Whether it is work visas for H-1b spouses, passing the start-up visa act, clearing up the red tape for wealth EB-5 investors, or providing a path to Citizenship for undocumented immigrant Children, these issues need to get fixed. They are hurting our economy and more importantly hurting people.

The time is now to put aside the excuses and partisan posturing. Congress has a job to do, and millions of people, both Americans and foreign nationals are counting on them to do it.