Newlywed Shockers

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Unfortunately this story represents the sad truth for many newlywed couples who fail to obtain the proper travel documents prior to taking their honeymoon.

My wife (she’s a Canadian citizen) actually had to get married 4 months before our wedding just to make sure that we can leave the country for our honeymoon.

The problem lies in the issue of intent, as the majority of people come over on a temporary visa, which means your intent to remain in the U.S. is temporary.  Once you marry a U.S. Citizen you can no longer claim to intend to live in the country temporarily, because the government assumes a married person will not leave the country once admitted.  So, you need to file the proper paperwork and obtain advanced parole (permission to travel) BEFORE departing the country.

Luckily,  my wife, Erin’s Advance Parole came in time and we are eagerly anticipating our marriage and honeymoon next week.