New Poll Shows Republican Voters Also Support Immigration Reform

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The Partnership for a New American Economy conducted a recent poll of Iowa Republicans. The results overwhelmingly indicated that they were in favor of immigration reform. In particular they were open to the following reforms:

• 72% believe foreign-born students that received a University education in the U.S. should be allowed to enter the workforce after graduation.
• 64% want to streamline the process for employers to hire needed employees when Americans are not filling vacant jobs
• 66% want more opportunities for high-skilled legal immigrants to enter the U.S. workforce
• 71% want a legal way for entrepreneurs from other countries to move to the U.S. to start a business here.

The economic advantages of skilled immigrants in the workforce are well known. Maybe now that both Democratic and Republican constituents are on board with reforming legal immigration Congress will follow suit. Hopefully they will have a serious discussion and get beyond building a wall (or a second wall as some advocate) and proclaiming that illegals need to be deported.