New Detention Center for Nonviolent Immigrant Detainees Being Planned

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The kinder-gentler Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) we’ve been hearing about seems to be a long way off.  Even though just a few weeks ago ICE announced plans to move away from using detention centers to house immigrants, (see the announcement here), they’re already planning on building a new 2200 bed facility in Los Angeles.  The bid solicitation, (available here) specifies the type of detainees that will be housed there as “1) individuals convicted of non-violent offenses; 2) non-convicted criminals; and 3) fugitive aliens and immigration recidivists. No more than 10% of the facility will be used for housing individuals convicted of violent offenses.”  If ICE is seeking to move away from detention facilities, why does it need to house non-violent individuals at all?  In the announcement of the new detention reforms, Secretary Napolitano stated ICE’s goal as moving away from exactly these types of facilities for exactly these types of immigration violators.  She should review that plan before signing off on any new building and perpetuation of a broken detention system that has repeatedly been found to violate the rights of detained immigrants.