Napolitano Sets Forth Initiatives to Promote Startup Enterprises and Spur Job Creation

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On August 2nd, DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano and USCIS Director Alejandro Mayorkas issued a press release on USCIS’ efforts to fuel the US economy. In particular the press release references an FAQ on EB-2. This FAW indicates that entrepreneurs may qualify for a National Interest Waiver if their business endeavors are in the interest of the United States.

Another important point mentioned is that the EB-5 program will be further enhanced by transforming the review process, including allowing premium processing for certain EB-5 petitions (I-526s where the investment is through a regional center). USCIS also intends to implement direct lines of communication between the investor and USCIS and allow “the opportunity for an interview before a USCIS panel of experts to resolve outstanding issues in an application.” The first of these enhancements may be implemented in as little as 30 days.