Many Innocent Victims Caught in Federal Deportation Program

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What is an abused spouse without documentation supposed to do? Many fear deportation and are understandably reluctant to call the authorities to report this abuse. Fortunately, there are some relief options available under the Violence Against Women Act, and also for other crime victims such as a U visa. If these situations apply to you we recommend you contact an immigration lawyer.

A recent L.A. Times article illustrates how an illegal immigrant who calls the police for help, will often be placed in deportation proceedings. If this is the case the person in deportation proceedings should contact an immigration attorney immediately before signing anything!

On a more positive note, the article also states that tomorrow a bill will be heard in committee that “would require California to modify its agreement with ICE so that only fingerprints of convicted felons are run through the immigration database. The bill also contains protection for domestic violence victims and juveniles.”