Including Immigrants in Health Care Reform Saves Taxpayers Money

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A recent article showed that most experts including immigration lawyers agree that including immigrants in health care reform will ultimately save us all money.

If the person next to you has swine flu or tuberculosis, or any other communicable disease it is in all of our best interest if they get treated. As opposed to the system paying to treat just that one person, we as taxpayers might pay for the 10 or 100 people that they infect.
As citizens and immigration attorneys here in San Diego we come into contact with a lot of people that are out of status. We agree that for our general welfare and that of our clients access to health care should be allowed for everyone.
Hopefully some sort of decent bill will make its way out of the congressional black hole soon.
As the system stands now, many uninsured Americans in San Diego actually cross the border to get treated at a cheaper, but first class hospital in Tijuana.