Immigration in Perspective: Univision To Host Presidential “Encounters”

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Although praised for including a woman in their selection of moderators for the three Presidential Debates, The Commission on Presidential Debates has also received criticism for selecting all white journalists for both the Presidential and Vice-Presidential debates.  In response, the Spanish Language news channel Univision has invited the candidates to participate in an English language forum hosted along with the University of Miami. The so called “Encounters” will be aired this Wednesday and Thursday evening.

As the largest ethnic minority group in the United States, the candidates have realized this election season that the so called Hispanic vote cannot be ignored.  The conventions of both parties featured Latino headliners in prime time spots.  However, neither can this population be viewed as monolithic.  Univision is promising to deliver a forum for the candidates to speak on issues important to their viewers.  I’ll be intrigued to see what issues they think those are and whether they are all that distinct from America as a whole.

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