Immigration In Perspective: Obama to start implementing new immigration policy

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In two memos issued to the ICE Prosecutor’s office this Thursday, the Obama Administration has finally announced how it plans to implement the new deportation and removal policy it issued last June (view the policy here), and our previous discussion here: Immigration In Perspective: Deport the Criminals First.  This new policy prioritizes the deportations of individuals with criminal backgrounds over those of law abiding immigrants.  This blog first suggested this approach as one of the Top Ten Ways Obama Could Tackle Immigration Reform Without Congressional Approval back in May, and has been following its implementation closely.

Although the policy has thus far been implemented inconsistently across the country, there is hope that with the Administration taking a more active role, these cases will be handled promptly and consistently, in the end being a boon to prosecutors who can spend their valuable time focusing on dangerous criminals instead of school girls.

We’re pleased see that not only has he announced this new strategy, but is actually following through on making it a reality on the ground.  Obama has finally realized that conceding to the anti-immigrant groups will not get this country any closer to immigration reform.  A good negotiator knows that you must negotiate from a position of power.  By flexing the Executive Branch authority in this arena that is exactly what Obama is doing: showing Congress that if they continue to refuse to compromise on immigration, for example by killing the DREAM Act, he will use the tools he has to provide relief for hard working families struggling to make a life for themselves.  Thanks President Obama for putting immigration in perspective.