Immigration in Perspective: Deport the criminals first

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After two years of trying it’s best to deport every undocumented immigrant in the country, the Obama Administration has cried uncle.  Finally ICE has realized that its resources are not unlimited and that it may have to actually focus on the most important cases and blameworthy individuals.  With immigration courts so backed up that they are scheduling hearings for 2014 this is welcome news.  By placing on hold the cases of individuals who don’t pose a threat to society, courts can focus on quickly removing individuals who do.  Now when a dangerous criminal comes to the attention of ICE it shouldn’t take three years for him to actually be removed from the country.  At the same time that this policy will help remove criminals faster, it will also provide welcome relief to individuals who have committed no crimes other than their mere presence.  Hard working individuals trying to better their situation are the last people this country should be deporting and under this policy they really will be.

The Obama Administration should be praised for finally putting immigrants, and their wrongs, into perspective.

In response to public outcry and confusion over ICE’s recent announcement they have posted this FAQ page on its website: