ICE serving TVU students with NTAs

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Many Tri Valley University students are being issued an NTA (notice to appear) after speaking with the ICE officer. From what we gather ICE is not filing them with the court at this stage and there is no date to actually appear before the immigration judge, but this is not guaranteed.

In essence the NTA’s then serve as notice to the students that their lawful status was terminated, and they need to do something to get back in status immediately or leave the country. Eventually ICE may file these with the court if the former TVU student does not either leave or acquire another lawful status. A popular option is to enroll with another school. TVU students should act quickly as there is limited grace period. Additionally some TVU students may need to apply for reinstatement.

FFA recommends that all TVU to confer with an immigration attorney before speaking with ICE to ensure you do not incriminate yourself.