H-1B Filings Way Down

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Very few new H-1B petitions were applied for in the first week that the fiscal year 2012.
As of April 7th:
5,900 H-1B Regular Cap petitions were received (Cap of 65,000) and
4,500 H-1B Master’s Exemption petitions were received (Cap of 20,000)

We speculate that the drastic reduction of H-1B filings stems from a combination of factors including:

  • A slow economy with many U.S. workers competing for jobs (and employers would prefer not to pay the extra costs associated with an H-1B petition)
  • The crackdown by USCIS on IT consulting firms as shifted many of these jobs overseas.
  • The 2011 quota was not reached until January, which prevented a large build up of people waiting to apply for H-1B visas.

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