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The United States has a long, complicated, and rich history of immigration, starting with the arrival of Native Americans over the Bering land bridge and continuing on to the settlement of Europeans along the country’s East Coast. For thousands of years, people have come to America to start new lives, create new traditions, and raise their families. Today, tens of thousands of new immigrants are greeted each year. They come to work, be with loved ones, or simply to open a new chapter.

First, a foreign national should decide whether the goal is to simply work in the U.S. temporarily or find a path to permanent resident and then possibly citizenship.

Temporary Visas

Some are not interested in permanently settling in the United States or ultimately gaining U.S. citizenship. These foreigners may wish to apply for a non-immigrant, temporary visa. There are numerous types of non-immigrant visas. These visas may be used for:

  • Studying in the United States.
  • Working in the United States.
  • Starting a business in the United States
  • Visiting the United States as a tourist.
  • Visiting the United States on business.
  • Touring or competing in the United States as an artist or athlete.

Our attorneys can help you secure a temporary visa, renew a temporary visa, or help you better understand which type of temporary visa is right for your needs.

Getting a Green Card

Many foreigners living and working in the United States either have or wish to secure a green card, also known as permanent residency. While some visas grant permanent residency or lead to permanent residency, others are only temporary.

In order to obtain a green card, you must petition for one. You may petition for a green card if:

  • You are married to a United States citizen.
  • Your relative has citizenship or holds a green card.
  • You are employed in the United States and have an employer sponsor.
  • You wish to invest a significant amount of money in the U.S. economy.
  • You have an extraordinary ability.
  • You win a spot in the green card lottery.
  • You are a refugee or a victim of a crime.

Our skilled, compassionate immigration attorneys can help you with all of your green card legal issues, from finding the most appropriate path to a green card, to petitioning for a green card, to helping you maintain your green card.

Gaining U.S. Citizenship

The vast majority of Americans obtained their citizenship in one of two ways: they were either born on United States soil or they were born to a U.S. citizen. However, there are still other avenues to citizenship for foreigners who wish to call the United States their home country. To become a U.S. citizen, you must first become a permanent resident (green card holder) and maintain this status for three to five years, depending upon how you obtained your green card. Here is a list of the U.S. citizenship requirements for green card holders.

If you are a permanent resident and deciding whether you should become a citizen, you may also want to read about the top 10 reasons to become a U.S. Citizen.

Immigration Legal Issues

Immigration laws are complex and can be harsh. For whatever reason, many find themselves with expired visas, in the country illegally, or facing deportation. Other immigrants may be searching for a way to stay in the country after their current visa expires. Whatever your problem as an immigrant, we may be able to assist you and find the best outcome possible under the law.

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