Fallen Soldier’s Mother Faces Deportation

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Last week, Feldman Feldman & Associates attorney Danielle Rosché had the honor of representing the mother of fallen US service member, Captain Jennifer Moreno. Jennifer died in Afghanistan in October 2013 when her unit was attacked by an IED.  Jennifer was awarded the Bronze Star for Valor due to her actions during the fight when she was killed while trying to rescue an injured army ranger.

On Tuesday, Jennifer’s mother Maria was ironically facing deportation from the country her daughter had died defending.  Jennifer’s brothers and sisters in arms rose up to let their voices be heard to stop the deportation. Jennifer’s sister and our office organized a call in campaign, petition, and media outreach to bring awareness to Maria’s pending deportation.  Happily, immigration was moved by the words of Jennifer’s comrades and granted Maria a stay of deportation.

Here are links to a few of the news stories about Jennifer and Maria along with our petition page which got over 1200 signatures in 16 hours.