Expedited Naturalization: Not just for military families

Categories: Immigration Lawyer Blog San Diego

Feldman Feldman & Associates is pleased to announce that their Associate Danielle Rosché has achieved a rare type of naturalization for her client, the wife of a US businessman living overseas.  Normally, the spouse of a US citizen must live in the US as a legal permanent resident for three years before they become eligible for US citizenship.  However, under INA 319(b), spouses of US citizens where the citizen works for a US company or the US government overseas can naturalize without living in the US and without having to be a legal permanent resident for three years. Many individuals wrongly believe that this statute is limited to only military spouses; however any foreign national spouse can qualify as long as the US citizen works for a qualifying company.

The practical effects of expedited naturalization are immense for families.  As a legal permanent resident you are required to reside in the US or risk losing your green card, resulting in families being separated for long periods of time.  Under this law, the foreign national can apply for legal permanent residency and naturalization at the same time. In one trip to the US you can apply, get your fingerprints taken, your legal permanent residency, and US citizenship all within a matter of weeks, rather than years.

If you’re living overseas with your US citizen spouse who works for a US company call us today for a consult to see if we can help you achieve your goals of US citizenship faster and easier.