El Salvadorian Transgender Woman Wins Deferral of Removal Under CAT

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Thursday a San Diego Immigration Judge “IJ” granted Deferral of Removal under the Convention Against Torture for a Salvadorian Transgender Woman.  Deferral under CAT is one of the most difficult and limited forms of relief available to immigrants and requires a showing that the individual would more likely than not be tortured by government officials if returned to her country of origin.  FFA Attorney Danielle Rosché represented the woman Pro Bono through the American Bar Association Immigration Justice Project.  “The unfortunate reality is that violence is the natural consequence of being transgender in El Salvador. Through independent reports and my client’s own personal experiences we were able to clearly show to the IJ the dangerous reality for transgender women there.  In El Salvador, police and society at large routinely target transgender women for violence.  My client suffered repeated beatings, and was routinely harassed and assaulted while simply walking down the street.  Without the protection of the US, my client would face abuse and death in El Salvador and expresses her appreciation to the US government and the IJ in her case”

For more information on protections the US provides to LGBTQ individuals go to: http://immigrationequality.org/